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The entire Cape Peninsula falls under Table Mountain National Park, a park designed to protect its unique floral kingdom, mountains, beaches and wildlife.

Wherever you go in Cape Town, you’ll encounter much nature and see efforts to conserve it.

Cape by Design Tours offers you a number of eco-tour experiences:

CAPE POINT SAFARI – Lighthouses, Oceans, Shipwrecks and Bays

  • Climb to the lighthouse, above high cliffs and wild seas at the point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.
  • Take the obligatory postcard photo at the Cape of Good Hope, the south-westernmost tip of Africa.
  • We might come across a family of baboons, a group of ostriches, a herd of antelope and who knows what other surprises we’ll find along the way.

MARINE BIG 5 SAFARI - Sharks, Seals, Dolphins, Whales and Penguins

The Common Dolphin, Cape Fur Seal, Great White Shark, Southern and Brydes Whales and the African Penguin are common residents or visitors to the oceans around Cape Town.


Great White Sharks

  • Join famed conservationists who run intimate and personalised tours to see the breaching of Great White Sharks as seen on Discovery Channel and Nat Geo Wild.
  • Go shark cage diving in False Bay or at Gansbaai or take a trip focusing on their breaching and natural predation.
  • Try the Great White trip in combination with a trip to Boulders Beach and the penguins, plus a visit to Cape Point.
  • Mako and Blue Shark trips are seen off Cape Point from November to June and sometimes you may also be lucky enough to see Smooth Hammerheads and Bronze Whaler Sharks.

Cape Fur Seal Dive

  • It can be lots of fun to dive or snorkel with the seals, as they loll at the surface, warming their flippers in the sun or congregating in groups waiting to head out to sea to hunt for fish.

Whale Watching

  • Each year Southern Right whales migrate into the coastal waters of the Western Cape to calve and nurse their young. The animals, often mere metres from the shore, provide unsurpassed whale watching opportunities between June and November.
  • Experience the thrill of viewing the giants of the deep close up, by taking a boat based whale-watching trip.
  • Or join us on a Hermanus tour, for the best land-based Whale Watching in the world.


A long time ago Cape Town was teeming with wild animals and the Big 5 were right on our doorstep. Those days are long gone and we must drive to a game park over an hour from Cape Town in order to see the Big 5.

  • The tour includes an informative 3-hour game drive, breakfast and lunch.


  • Walk with an Elephant or be brave enough to do an Elephant back ride.
  • Enjoy a sunrise or sunset walk with Cheetahs- a unique wildlife experience.
  • Get up close to wild cats of Africa like Serval and Caracal.


Succumb to the call of the wild and experience close encounters with abundant game species in this wonderful Big 5 Game Reserve, particularly renowned for its huge elephant herds.

  • Game Drives in air conditioned comfort or open game drive vehicles are available for groups of 6 people.
  • You have a choice of rustic safari accommodation or one of the many wonderful Guest Lodges and Hotels in the area.


The Kruger National Park is the biggest game reserve in South Africa, measuring 360km from south to north.

  • Kruger is rated as the ultimate Safari experience and it has more species of mammals than any other African Game Reserve.
  • It is worthwhile to spend some days in this area of abundant and diverse animals, birds, insects and plants and experience a variety of habitat from savanna grassland to rivers and wooded areas.
  • Game drives with an experienced ranger are what it is all about. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to see the animals as the daytime is often hot and animals rest in the shade.
  • Night drives and bush walks can also be arranged as part of the Kruger experience.


Mountains are just everywhere when you are in Cape Town. A mountain walk will give you fantastic views of our Peninsula and you get great exercise.

  • For Slackpackers or the Fleet of Foot!
  • We have competent guides to accompany you. Don’t attempt a walk without a guide!

A few suggestions of Mountain walks you can do:

  • Table Mountain: you can take the cable car to the top and enjoy a one-hour walk to Maclears Beacon, the highest point. For the fit ones there’s a guided walk to the Summit.
  • Chapmans Peak is a spectacular drive, but you can also park, pause and take a 3-hour walk to the top and back.
  • Lions Head is a little tricky in places but when you’re on top, the reward is a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and surrounds.
  • If you’re an adrenaline junkie, try abseiling off the top of Table Mountain or go rock climbing with a well-trained guide.



1. Cape Peninsula Flower Safari

Wild flowers grow everywhere in Cape Town; arum lilies, geraniums, ericas, proteas and many more. Our unique plant kingdom is called fynbos and it is well preserved around here.

We offer several ways you can get to learn about our unique plant life:

  • At Cape Point we’ll take you a little off the usual tourist route and show you some species that make up the unique fynbos group.
  • Botanise at various points in theTable Mountain National Park as we stop to look at whatever interesting flower is blooming.
  • Kirstenbosch, our world famous botanical garden has a splendid mountain setting and an abundance of indigenous flowers and trees, linked by lovely walkways and paths.

2. West Coast Flower safari - a small window each year


One of these tours should definitely be on your bucket list!

  • In August and September, just after the winter rains, nature reveals the most incredible wild flower carpets on a massive scale.
  • Visit our West Coast National Park park just north of Cape Town, which is open just for these two months. If you are in town at that time, this wondrous experience should be high on your to- do list.
  • The Cederberg and Namaqualand areas have wondrous flower carpets at this time of year which are a phenomenal sight to behold.




  • Join a very respected Meerkat conservationist on an early sunrise tour to see wild meerkats in their real habitat.
  • You will fall in love with these adorable little creatures as they emerge from their burrow and start to interact with one another before they go off to forage.


  • An opportunity to experience the gentle side of these much-maligned creatures whose continued existence around urban Cape Town is very threatened.
  • Observe these family - oriented creatures as they groom one another, get up to antics, play together and protect their cute little babies.



  • We have over 610 bird species in Cape Town and boast 70% of South Africa’s endemic species, particularly those associated with the fynbos.
  • Cape town is also well known for its many different sea birds, the pelagic species.
  • Our knowledgeable twitcher guides will unveil the secrets and best places to see birds in the Cape Peninsula.


Tours should never be a matter of choosing off a list - they should be created to suit the desires of the tourist.