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Imagine being able to take stunning photos of your holiday in Cape Town and wherever else you may travel. Here is a wonderful chance to learn the skill of how to take memorable photographs.
If you wish, Elke will also teach you how to put them into an album as memories you will always treasure.   

Elke’s Photo Academy

Digital Photography Workshop

Elke Losskarn has been an international travel photographer for 18 years and to date has published 20 German travel and coffee table books. 

The Digital Photography Workshop will teach you in a fun and interactive way to take great digital photographs with your camera. You will learn about camera settings and functions, shooting modes, composition, light & shadow, macro and travel photography.
The workshop consists of 2 practical 2-hour morning sessions where you will be taking photos outdoors, and 2 “feedback” evening sessions (1 hour) to review your pictures.

Cost: 1.400 R per person. Catch up with Elke on her website

Student’s feedback:

Elke's photographic course has hooked me into creative photography by opening my eyes to things I would never have noticed. THOMAS

Informal, fun and hands-on; after Elke's workshops you'll be looking at photography in a whole new light. BRONWEN

Elke will show you how easy a step it is from taking a snapshot to taking a good photograph. It is such a satisfying feeling! JACQUI

Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape

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