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The performing arts are very much alive in Cape Town. It’s all on offer from Jazz, Reggae, Symphony Concerts, Dance, Ballet, Opera, Choirs and great Theatre.

  • Cape Town’s performing arts showcase a cross pollination of our indigenous roots and European heritage.
  • Our performances are of a world class standard and will leave you enriched for having seen them.

Cape by Design Tours will book tickets and organise transport to any show or concert of your choice.

Jazz Safari: Visit the home of a Cape jazz musician and then on to a club to hear the best jazz in Cape Town. 
We’ll take you to whatever is hot and happening on the jazz scene.

Reggae Route: This is a very chilled Mother City experience. The tour includes a visit to our resident Reggae King and happens very late.

Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape

Hear our homegrown talent while relaxing and watching magnificent scenery. These concerts happen in Cape Town and in the Winelands.

We’ll organise you a picnic to enjoy as you sit on the lawn sipping sundowners and listening to music. This is a must do Cape Town experience.


  • At Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, picnic on the lawn with a mountain backdrop and hear a variety of great local artists in all genres. The December highlight is Carols by Candlelight, different when you’re not used to balmy Christmas weather.
  • At our Winelands outdoor venue hear Classical music performed by top South African musicians. Or come and listen to Starlight Classics-the name says it all. 
  • For an authentic experience, hard to find elsewhere, are outdoor concerts that celebrate our regional Cape folk heritage. 


Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape


After 1994, we looked at whether being Euro Centric was valid within the context of our new society.
We wanted to be relevant, so a whole new style of content and production evolved, which includes many African elements. The results have been inspirational and awesome. Imagine Mozart’s Magic Flute accompanied by marimbas and steeped in African song and dance! Many of our productions have gone to world stages to great critical acclaim.
Over the last two decades, our arts councils, theatre administrators and NGO’s have created initiatives which support previously disadvantaged communities, act as talent scouts and offer a training ground for much of our immense talent.

The Cape Town Philharmonic delivers world-class performances to visitors and communities around the Western Cape. This is in the form of Symphony concerts, symphonic pops, accompanying community choirs as well as Cape Town Opera and Ballet.
Cape Town City Ballet: stages many spectacular productions and supports projects for underpriveleged kids like Jikeleza Dance Project.

Cape Town Choirs, Singing, Opera:
Africa has a great vocal tradition and singing is a way of life on this continent.
As a tourist, spontaneous song will often greet you and the richness of voices will uplift you.

Cape Town Opera trains some of the finest African voices and performs well-known operas to worldclass standards. They also take opera to outlying areas to bring it into community halls.  

Gospel Choirs are embedded in South African culture and several have attained international acclaim.

Cape Malay Choirs are in fierce competition each New Year to see who will win the hotly contested top prize of The Silver Fez, now the title of a great movie. If you’re around then, it’s an experience, which will take you right to the soul of Cape Town.


Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape
From Cabaret to Comedy, Drama and Shakespeare-in-the-Park, theatre is alive and well in Cape Town. We have a big range of worldclass shows using local talent, to which we add a special spicy South African flavour:

  • Artscape our biggest theatre stages the big productions and several smaller theatres also offer top-notch performances.

  • Musicals, some international and some uniquely South African in composition and staging, happen all year round.

  • Street theatre and buskers will entertain you at places like Greenmarket Square and the Waterfront.

  • Comedy: we have our own unique brand of hilarious Cape humour and we regularly stage comedy festivals and performances. A delightful way for tourists to get a glimpse of every day SA life!

Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape

Cape Town is famous for its many outdoor markets where you can pick up anything from beautifully crafted curios to handmade clothing, oddities and antiques.

Tell us where you’d like to shop and we’ll help you search for that unexpected treasure!

  • For African crafts and curios colourful Greenmarket Square is famous. There’s many a sideshow and there are lovely outdoor eateries, which make a visit here a vibrant and enjoyable experience.
  • For junk, bric a brac and more there’s many a hidden bargain in one of our neighbourhood markets.
  • Antiques are all over, in shops, on the street or at Collectables Fairs. You might find a real gem and it won’t cost the earth


Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape

In Cape Town there are many ways to find health, happiness and wholeness and natural health is highly affordable. From aura healing to qigong, we have it all.
We’ll find you a practitioner to take care of your needs.

We’ll book you any kind of session in which you wish to indulge.


  • Rejuvenate yourself and restore harmony and balance with a pamper session in massage, reflexology, aromatherapy or shiatsu.
  • There are also specialist treatments on offer: floatation, Bio-feedback, raw food, homeopathy, naturopathy or acupuncture.
  • Enjoy a bouquet of healing with: pranic healing, reiki, bio-energy healing and more …
  • Have a practitioner come to your guest-house or hotel for therapeutic massage, private yoga class or any healing therapy.
  • Beauty and skin care is available too.


Tours should never be a matter of choosing off a list - they should be created to suit the desires of the tourist.