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At CAPE BY DESIGN TOURS we care about our fellow South Africans. There are many who need our support, be it a school or one of the many sport, craft or educational projects in underpriveleged areas. Often, it takes only a small contribution to make a big difference.

We see tourism as a way to right some of the inequalities in our society by   contributing to worthwhile causes.

On our TOWNSHIP TOURS we visit various projects. In this way, we have created links across the globe between those who want to give and those who are happy to receive.





A vibrant little school run by loving and dedicated teachers. They are the mothers who support and care for children all day. Some of the children have no parents or perhaps only a mother who is at work all day.

This school receives limited funds from the state and is in an impoverished area.  With the extra help the school receives, it is able to sponsor some children who cannot pay and also helps to buy some basic necessities.




UVUKA NOMTHOBOYI (Wake Up You Lazy Child)-Khayalitsha


A cultural group aimed at occupying young girls especially, in their free time over weekends and in school holidays. Young girls are seen as very vulnerable in many communities and are often affected by abuse.
This project awakens young girls to their cultural roots in dance and song and helps build a community which will carry on its Xhosa traditions.  


It is an uplifting experience to visit this amazing school which educates 720 pupils every day in crowded yet supportive circumstances. The teachers endeavour to offer as many sports as possible in order to have healthy children who are well occupied in their spare time.
They have risen to the challenge of creating a grass sports field but are in need of much equipment for the children to be able to practise their sports of netball, soccer volleyball, hockey and more. They are looking for donations of equipment and money.    


firefox-grayODWA FUTSHANE has lived in Langa his whole life and is a young, committed and respected community member and leader.

He is a qualified Western Cape Tourist Guide and leads our walking tours which go through different areas of the townships.

Through his involvement in the community, Odwa helps direct the interests of tourists to projects they would like to visit and this has contributed to tourism being regarded positively and appreciated by people who live in the townships.