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Cape by Design Tours offers tourists the chance to enrich their experience in South Africa by coming into contact with everyday people. We call it community tourism and it is a way of uplifting less advantaged South Africans. We offer the chance to visit and get involved with any projects in the area of your interest.

Township Tours:
There is nothing voyeuristic about these tours! They are a great cross-cultural experience, they are highly educational and contribute to economic upliftment by creating jobs.

  • Tours take us to Langa, Gugulethu and other townships where we meet up with a local guide and do a walking tour, visit a home and perhaps a creche or orphanage.
  • Sunday option is a half day Gospel Tour, a thrilling real African experience.

Township Stayover:

Enjoy an authentic experience with real African hospitality with an African mother in a family home.


There are many projects in Education, Sport and the Arts where we will arrange a tour or visit for you:


South Africa has a huge shortfall in education delivery and in child welfare and the government is unable to meet the demands. Many private and NGO initiatives support students who cannot afford a decent education, let alone a square meal.

  • Are you interested in a Pre School, Primary or High School initiative?
  • Do you want to support a Children’s home or HIV Orphans? 


Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape


You can name almost any sport in Cape Town and you’ll find a community upliftment project associated with it. Tell us about the sport that interests you and we’ll organise a visit and tour.
Here’s a sample of some successful initiatives:


  • Soccer: Football is the word on everyones lips in 2010. This is a ready- designed tour, which includes a visit to the Green Point Stadium as well as a visit to a premier league soccer club and a township youth soccer club. Come along and experience the fever!
  • Athletics: where young talented financially disadvantaged people get training towards reaching their potential.
  • Hiking: This programme offers regular hikes on Table Mountain to kids from poor backgrounds and sensitises them to environmental issues.
  • Sailing: Kids at the sailing schools we visit learn water skills and life skills. They have had huge success with some students competing nationally and internationally.

Arts and Crafts:

Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape


This has been a key area for creating jobs in an informal and productive way.
It’s amazing how easily creativity is unleashed be it in ceramics, beadwork, textile design, sculpture and more.

Cape by Design Tours has highlighted a few of these projects:


  • Mealie handbags is a fun, job-creating project for women, using reclaimed fabrics.
  • Tea bag designs make beautiful, useful products created out of used tea bags, by previously unemployed people.

Another key area is projects which provide facilities and training for kids who have never had the chance:

  • Hout Bay Music Project is an amazing success story of children who had never heard of classical music and are now performing the likes of Mozart and Bach on the concert stage.  
  • Jikeleza dance is a wonderful project achieving high standards, where kids from poor backgrounds get the chance to express themselves in dance be it Ballet, hip-hop or traditional African.

Food Gardens:

Grow to Live: Projects teaching people in the townships and all over Cape Town, to grow their own food in an eco-friendly manner.


Cape Town Day Tours and trips around the Cape


Do you want to make a difference when in Cape Town?
Help narrow the gap between rich and poor and be a volunteer on any number of projects from sport to environmental concern.



Here are a few choices:

  • Work in a childrens home.
  • Volunteer to help needy people build houses
  • Help rehabilitate oiled and injured penguins
  • Raise awareness for the plight of the endangered cheetah.
  • Get involved in a bicycle project which does poverty alleviation through the use of biclycles, as well as teaching environmental awareness.

Perhaps you have thought of another field of community projects you would like to visit.
If so, let us know and we will do our best to arrange a visit for you.

Tours should never be a matter of choosing off a list - they should be created to suit the desires of the tourist.