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A group performing a gumboot dance

A Visit to Langa 

Langa is one of the oldest townships in South Africa. It is the township closest to Cape Town and is a proven safe and friendly tourist destination. This tour is a unique experience - totally different from any other you will experience in Cape Town.

With a local guide, you walk through their home community and experience the vibrance of life to be found in a South African township. In this way you get to interact with friendly people and experience township life close up. You learn about how apartheid devastated these communities, but how township life has expanded and developed over the years. 

Boys Playing in Langa - photo credit Elke Losskarn

You will hear children happy at play in the streets. Typical is the smell of sidewalk barbeques where you might get to partake in the sampling of a “smiley”, a rather unusual way mutton is served.

You will witness how the informal economy is thriving here and how the expression "cash is king" is applied here.

If you want to impress the locals, learn to say Molo or Molweni, if it's more than one person. This means Hello in Xhosa, the dominant African language in Cape Town. 

Tasting of traditional African beer, Umqombothi

A typical township tour may include the following:

  • A visit to Guga S’thebe Cultural Centre – view some local craft projects
  • A visit to Langa Museum which describes what happened under Apartheid’s infamous “Pass" laws
  • Say Hello to the children in a kindergarten and orphanage.
  • Taste some locally brewed African beer.
  • Visit homes in different socio- economic areas. 

Visiting a township family

Township Gospel Sunday

A South African township Church Service is an unforgettable experience. To really feel the power of South African Gospel Music, you should hear it belted out at a church in the township.

In this gospel tour your guide will take you to a vibrant Sunday church service where you will be welcomed with open arms. Here is the opportunity to listen to moving sonorous choral singing and hear uplifting words spoken with unbridled passion.

This can be done in conjunction with a half-day tour of the township.

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At CAPE BY DESIGN TOURS we care about our fellow South Africans. There are many who need our support, be it a school, an orphanage or one of the many sport, craft or educational projects in underpriveleged areas. Often, it takes only a small contribution to make a big difference.

We see tourism as a way to right some of the inequalities in our society by contributing to worthwhile causes. 



A vibrant little school run by loving and dedicated teachers. They are the mothers who support and care for children all day. Some of the children have no parents or perhaps only a mother who is at work all day.

This school receives limited funds from the state and is in an impoverished area.  With the extra help the school receives, it is able to sponsor some children who cannot pay and also helps to buy some basic necessities.  


It is an uplifting experience to visit this amazing school which educates 720 pupils every day, in crowded yet supportive circumstances. The teachers endeavour to offer as many sports as possible in order to have healthy children who are well occupied in their spare time. They have risen to the challenge of creating a grass sports field but are in need of much equipment for the children to be able to practise their sports of netball, soccer volleyball, hockey and more.    


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